Consultant on Solar Storms, Space Weather, Geomagnetic Storms and the Electric Power Grid Impacts

Storm Analysis Consultants

Principal Consultant John Kappenman has been a one of the leading advisors for power companies both nationally and globally on the effect of solar storms to utilities.

Featured Article and Video:         A Perfect Storm of Planetary Proportions

The approach of the solar maximum is an urgent reminder that power grids everywhere are more vulnerable than ever to geomagnetic effects

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By John Kappenman  /  February 2012

Main consultant for Homeland Security, F.E.M.A, Department of Defense and other agencies, on the risks and effects of solar storms to our power grid.
Protecting our utility infrastructure is one of John’s mains focuses. He is nationally known as the premier consultant for utilities.
Consulting with John could save your corporation from the crippling effect of a major EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse).